Amid their growing concerns about our food system, and an increasing desire to connect with the land, Eric and Sarah began growing food in their Berkeley backyard in 2011.    They found tremendous joy in nurturing fruits, vegetables, and herbs from seed to table, and the process inspired them to continue learning about farming and its impact on the environment, as well as food accessibility issues throughout the world.

In 2014, the pair made the decision to move to Napa where they could realize their dream of starting a farm.  An enormous “blank slate” before them, they began working the earth to minimize invasive species, maximize resource efficiency, and recreate abundance.  Their goal is to have a farm that provides a peaceful, beautiful space that nourishes their family as well as their community.

Sarah holds degrees in Veterinary Technology (Palo Alto College) and Sociology (CSU East Bay).  She studied Landscape Horticulture at Merritt College and completed Farm School at the Permaculture Skills Center.  Eric is a physician (UC Berkeley, UC San Diego) who completed his Permaculture Design Course with Daily Acts.

Eric and Sarah

The farm

​​We strive to enhance, rather than deplete, the natural ecosystems that make the Valley such a magical place.  We practice a style of farming that builds soil fertility, creates wildlife habitat, and increases biodiversity.  Through Marin Clean Energy, we power our farm with 100% renewable resources.  We do all of this while growing delicious, clean foods that we are proud to share with our community.


About Us

Cora was adopted in 2013 from Throw Me A Bone.  She accompanied Eric and Sarah on their move out to the country, and effortlessly settled in to rural life.  

As farm supervisor, Cora takes her job very seriously.  Each morning, she joyfully surveys the entire farm, making sure that everything is in working order.  After that, she naps until about dinnertime, eats, plays fetch, and then calls it a day.

Jackrabbit Farm sits on 5 acres on the valley floor in Napa, California.  Historically, this land was part of a cattle ranch, and later an olallieberry farm.  We manage our farm in a regenerative way in order to honor its rich agricultural past while ensuring a healthy, prosperous future.