We grow fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, herbs, and nuts on our regenerative farm.  No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers ever come in contact with our produce, so you can enjoy it knowing that it is as good for your body as it is for the planet.  

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​​Our flock of chickens roams the farm all day long.  They forage for insects, greens, seeds, and any delicious morsels they desire on our sustainable, pesticide-free grounds.  Back in the coop, they have access to unlimited organic feed and fresh, untreated water from our well.  They also enjoy special treats from our garden, as well as our partner restaurants.

We invite you to taste the difference of eggs laid by our happy chickens.  We find that raising our girls with love, a wholesome diet,  and freedom to scratch and peck around in the sunshine results in a more nutritious, creamy, delicious egg.  Multiple studies have confirmed that free range, pastured eggs like ours are more nutrient dense.*

Effect of free-range feeding on n−3 fatty acid and α-tocopherol content and oxidative stability of eggs.

   Vitamins A, E and fatty acid composition of the eggs of caged hens and pastured hens.

   Meet real free range eggs.